About the Author

Jana van Niekerk—or Lady Jane (the Other Me), as she prefers to call herself—was born and raised in Namibia. Lady Jane is an author, reader, and devotee to what lies just beyond the horizon of real life. She believes that hope can brighten up your days in real life. The imagination of a storyteller is the magic that can transport us over that unreachable horizon to a spot on the map that can otherwise not be reached. The most exciting place to be is in your mind. There you have a magical place to build and tell stories.

Lady Jane is the author of two Afrikaans novels: “Liefde en Verraad” (“love and treasury”), as well as “Bekende Vreemdeling” (“the familiar stranger”).

Her first English novel originated from a writing course titled “How to Write a Novel,” taught by Susan Wingate, an award-winning Amazon best-selling author.

Lady Jane studied at the University of Namibia, finished her diploma as a nursing sister, and is qualified in general nursing, psychiatry, community health nursing, and midwifery. She is a married woman with two teenage daughters and lives in the south of Namibia on a farm near Keetmanshoop. She is still studying at the University of UNISA after finishing her degree in psychology. She has completed several short writing courses on Futurelearn.com as well.